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CNBC has released the Disruptor 50 list for 2020, which lists the 50 companies with the largest disruptions in the US economy. Amazon, Netflix and PayPal have made the biggest gains this fall, but the best - the big metro companies in 2014 - have regained the crown.

While the versatile EllaMia café concept is currently located at two locations in Dubai and London, it will house C3 "s shared digital kitchen. With a proprietary food delivery app developed by C4 and a partnership with Uber Eats, EllAMIA, the digital brand housed at the site, will be available at all major university campuses, including the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and the College of Medicine.

For full information on cinemas in 2020, click on the image of the movie poster below. If you're wondering if the games are coming in the 2020s, you can place everything in a comfortable place with the Ariz.

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The Tank Index Report is the 14th edition of the report, and the Authentic Brands series launched in 2012 is the most ambitious yet. Today Emojipediarreleased the list of new emojis that have been approved as part of this list, as well as the first ever emoji list for the United States.

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More About Mesa