Mesa Arizona Intercontinental Hotel

B & B in Arizona, purchased by InnsForSale, Bedford, completed by HotelBrokerOne in Dallas, Oklahoma City. The 147-room hotel is located in the heart of Mesa, Ariz., south of Tempe and north of Tucson. Bed & Breakfasts sold in Arizona: Holiday Inn Express Suites in Bedford, Oklahoma, is a bed & breakfast in Bedford purchased and sold by the Dallas - Oklahoma City office hotel broker.

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Check out the properties available for sale to make your stay at Riverland Resort more permanent. There are several conversion options and on this website you will find them to make them permanent. s easy to book a hotel to get the best deals in Tucson, Az. when you buy the large online selection on eBay. V has found many great new and used options and gets good online prices from eBay for its properties in Scottsdale AZ.

William Earl Bell, known for developing the world's first atomic clock, is being sold as a home, and there are several options for conversion. If you're looking for something special, check out for a 5-star hotel in Phoenix. The 3-star hotels in Phoenix cost $99 per night, the 4-star hotels in Phoenix cost $152 per night, and there are several ways to host a wide range of guests in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Opened as AmeriSuites in 2000, Holiday Inn Express Suites Tempe offers some of the most spacious rooms in the area. You also have a hotel in Oracle, AZ where guests can stay for $99 a night in a 4-star hotel, or $152 a day in an 8-star hotel.

You are close to a major airport, have shops in Tempe and there are 5017 hotels and other accommodations in Phoenix. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, this hotel offers a variety of amenities including a private pool, meeting rooms, a fitness center and a spa. Phoenix Sky Harbor is just a few blocks from the hotel, making it one of the most popular destinations for harbor visitors.

This hotel is just blocks from Arizona Mills Shopping Center, which includes a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as Arizona State University campus. A newly renovated Scottsdale hotel with a private pool, meeting rooms, fitness center and spa in the lobby.

When you think of the Southwest, Arizona is huge and ancient, with a history shaped by American Indians and adventurers greater than life. This hotel is located in a national park and embodies the beauty of Arizona in many ways. Best experiences at Tucson resorts, but no soul - a rousing tableau was captured more spectacularly than El Conquistador in Tucson. From the deep-rooted desert culture to the expanse of natural beauty, this Arizona hotel embodies deep roots as a place of exploration and adventure.

Imagine staying in a luxurious hotel, protected by an acre of peace, nature and comfort, in the heart of one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

This Glendale, Arizona hotel is located in Scottsdale and is one of the best hotels in the state of Arizona and the only Arizona hotel with private parking.

Ariz. Wisconsin Dells is a tourist attraction and known as the water park capital of the world, rooms fill up quickly and the irrigated green spaces make it a do-this-thing destination. Arizona is home to the largest water park in the United States, the Arizona Aquarium, and many other attractions.

We love being in Arizona for business or a personal getaway, and we offer deals that allow our guests to stay in luxurious accommodations while enjoying first-class service. The Prescott Resort and Conference Center is located on Top Rock and offers picturesque views of the warmth and scenery of Prescott. It is the perfect destination for those looking for a comfortable getaway in northern Arizona.

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